Donation Management

Payment processes run with ease, freeing up your time.

<span style="color: #2d8fc2">Payment Processing</span>

Payment Processing

Pledges can be set up and easily viewed in the contact profile, along with bank and payment information. Outstanding payments and unfulfilled pledges are easily identified, and escalation letters are generated to remind the donor of their commitment. Gifts, pledges and payments can be imported from third party payment processors easily, and exported to the general ledger however they are required, using thankQ CRM’s advanced reporting functionality.


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Key benefits

  • Easily manage and analyze all income types important to nonprofits.
  • Identify unfulfilled pledges and generate escalation letters with ease.
  • Maintain proper audit trails and workflow processes.
  • Gain better access to information via integration with most accounting software.
<span style="color: #000000">Key benefits</span>

Detailed features at a glance

Gifts in kind, recurring giving schedules, batch processing, uploading, and more – are all handled as standard functions

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“We can review who’s giving to what area of the College and why, instantly. We can look at donors in detail and review their affiliation with the College, efficiently and accurately.”

- Executive Director, Institutional Advancement