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<span style="color: #0167bb">Payment Reports</span>

Payment Reports

Increase the results of your grants program, maximizing funding from corporations and foundations.

  • Keep your whole organization up-to-date with permission-based access to grant applications.
  • Manage your prospective funders for the best results: record criteria for giving, decision dates and reminders, details of trustees, and their interest areas.
  • Ensure the smooth receipt of promised funding with payment schedules and key reporting dates.

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Master Detail Reporting

Secure your organization’s long-term future. Drive better results from your planned giving program with thankQ CRM

  • Better target communications between potential givers with the standard searching and selection tools.
  • Streamline workflows with legacy tools to guide you from managing potential value, legal restrictions, and family contact details.
<span style="color: #0167bb">Master Detail Reporting</span>
<span style="color: #0167bb">Events</span>


Your major gift officers will excel with the easy tools in thankQ CRM. Enhance relationships and reach your organization’s best potential for major giving.

  • Build lasting relationships with donors by identifying and categorizing all prospects based on their potential value and interest areas.
  • Never be surprised by your major giving program results. Easily manage your pipeline of potential gifts, tracking prospects as they move through the stages of donor development.
  • Get the full relational picture of every prospect with all communications logged and managed efficiently.


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Data Import Tools

Get the whole team working toward the best results by using thankQ CRM to intelligently manage your fundraising efforts.

  • Thrill your board and leadership with up-to-the-minute measures of ROI and campaign effectiveness.
  • Enhance every tactic in your team’s playbook. Specify source and destination codes. Allocate related mailings and budgets to campaigns and projects.
  • Easily access campaign project management tools to keep all your projects on track


<span style="color: #0167bb">Data Import Tools</span>
<span style="color: #0167bb">Managing Contacts</span>

Managing Contacts

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your entire organization’s performance with instantly-refreshing dashboards.
  • Predict fundraising performance and trends with meaningful analysis and insights.
  • Quench your team’s thirst for knowledge, with super-easy, drag-and drop reports. Analyze interesting ideas on-the-fly, and help your fundraising talent drive results.


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The benefits of thankQ CRM

Get more than just donations processing from your fundraising database, with thankQ CRM. 

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